Falafels In Burlington

Ahi Baba’s Kabob Shop
63 Main Street
Burlington, Vermont

Exactly what do you look for in a falafel sandwich? Is it the fresh pita bread, sauce consistency, or is it the chickpea patties themselves that make it a home-run? For me, the chickpeas patties should be fat rounds, tender and hot inside, and caramelized with a consistent crunchy texture on the outside. The sauce should be all about the tahini with notes of cumin and lemon juice, balanced with the right amount of salt. Tahini sauce diluted with yogurt to the point where yogurt wins the flavor battle, is not what I’m looking for. Pita bread is easy to make and tastes great when fresh, adding a touch of whole-wheat flour brings out a nuttiness that compliments the whole shebang! Lettuce, tomato, and onion are traditional companions although most often I am left wishing they skipped the red mealy rocks and wait until tomato season for the flavorful juicy option. Recently I went to Farah’s Place and tried the falafel which was over cooked, slightly burnt, and served with what I would consider a yogurt sauce not a tahini sauce. Maybe it was an off day? The outstanding staff (not service) may bring me back for another try. So far, the best falafel’s in Burlington are found on Main street in a tiny storefront called Ahli Baba’s Kabob Shop. Other than falafel’s, the menu offers tasty inexpensive treats like sweet potato fries and hummus. So head to Burlington for (as of today) the best falafel in town and garnish it with hot sauce.


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