New Mexican Restaurant Hits Burlington

El Gato
169 Church Street
Burlington, Vt

My love for Mexican food goes back to my childhood, when my father owned a Mexican restaurant called Mason De Lago. Still remembered today by many local Chicagoans. Meson Del Lago was in the heart of downtown right off Michigan Avenue and Ontario Street. You could order off the large menu or go up to the unique and fun taco bar where an attendant would serve you your choice fresh foods. As a little girl I enjoyed my birthday parties at the Mexian restaurant rather than my fathers upscale French restaurant. At Meson (that’s what the family called it) I could hit pinatas and have our meriachi band sing to me and my friends.

So when I heard about a new Authentic Mexican hitting Burlington, I knew I would be one of the first customers! Hoping to arouse some more memories from the good old days.

Soon you will hear back from me with my full honest review.


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